Burdwan Police District was etched out of the erstwhile Burdwan District on 1st September, 2011 being separated from the Asansol Durgapur Police commissionerate.The area of this police district is 5446.06 sq. km. covering 18 police station areas and a single women police station. The approx. total population is about 39,83,645 lacs as per the population census of 2011.The district comprises areas of four full sub divisions – Sadar North, Sadar South, Katwa,Kalna and one part of Durgapur Sub Division.Two full Parliamnetary constituencies – 38 Burdwan Purba (SC) and 39 Burdwan – Durgapur and parts of two – 37 Bishnupur and 41 Bolpur fall within this police district.There are 16 full assembly constituencies and a part of one constituency falls within this police district.Six Municipalities like - Burdwan, Memari, Kalna, Katwa, Dainhat and Guskara are under the jurisdiction of this Police district.The Burdwan Medical College and Hospital caters to this big district alongwith the Kalna and Katwa Sub Divisional Hospitals.Vital places like the Burdwan University, the proposed thermal power station at Katwa, Panagarh Indian Air Force Base under Kanksa P.S. and Army Base under Budbud P.S. are all under this Police district. This Police district is primarily an agrarian district with mopre than 100 Cold storage and Rice mills.Rivers like Damodar, Bhagirathi and Ajoy ply through this district along with pathches of forest tracts under Ausgram and Kanksa P.S.NH2 and NH2B passes thorough this district. Railway lines like Eastern Railway Main and Chord with a separate Katwa Line is also present in this Police District.